Wednesday, November 25, 2009


HEY BLOGGERS!!! How are ya? It's been awhile since i posted any artwork on this site. I've been real busy illustrating for Justice Publishing INC,which is partnering with E-Squared Studios INC.,(which me and my brother are proud owners of), to produce the books, posters, web designs and much more. Anyways, we have a children's book coming soon in stores and schools called the "Adventure of Cinnamon and Spice". It a really fun book with silly characters that children will fall in love with. It also would make a great stocking stuffer! Come check it out at for more on the series!!!


  1. Ooooooo nice! Really love the concepts. I'll be on the lookout for it when it hits! Congrats on your future success.

  2. If your Edward and your brother Edgar...who is Ed? I Know Ed Ernest But I didnt know there was 2 I can only tell by guys should post pics...unless...unless yall are twins. then id be really confused.

  3. It's right around the corner. Thanks guys for all your hard work! ~JB Visit or