Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A couple of pirates

I was inspired to do this drawing after watching a short film done by the students in Goeblin Animation School in france. The film is called "Pyrats".


  1. Hi Edward! very nice caracters! thanks for shearing your creative process!

  2. hey Edward, thanx for stopping by my blog, in response to a crite of your work, well you have great line and some nice chapes but you shoulsd work on consistency I notice some an inadequate forms, dynamics of appendages etc. Also, you shape choices tend to be similar try to experiment with different styles. hope this help.s but overall you draw quite well

  3. I see you've been working hard! Great work, And I agree with David, you're lines look really good. It would be nice to see some life drawings, sketches from zoo or other public places.
    And thank's to David Colman here for the reminder of experimenting with different styles, I'd better do that too.

    I love the Gobelins Pyrats too, it's a great animation. Then again, I don't know if there are bad films out of Gobelins.

  4. Hey there, sorry i have not giving my opinion on stuff yet, I been kinda busy. But now that i am looking at your stuff I don't actually have to much to say. Its pretty good as is. Looks like you want to do character design.
    If I was going to say anything, its more on a personal opinion and not so much a problem. I don't like seeing so many smiling people...maybe im a bitter man,lol. It makes them a little generic( in my opinion) But with character design your not always trying to give them personality, your giving them design. However if its concept design your going for I would maybe think about everyones personalities and put that in there face, and stance and stuff. When I look and see everyone happy they seem like the same character (looks like everyone would get along to well,lol)
    Keep in mind im saying "To many smiles" but since i last looked at your site, there are a few more drawing of people with a different feel to them(mean guys)
    Anyhow, hope that in someway made some kinda since, your stuff is looking really nice. keep up the good work. Let me know if you think im crazy,lol

  5. great designs Edward!

    I like how the guy rollin up is sleeves is sleeveless hehehe, you know youre tough when you do stuff like that

  6. Very beautiful work. I am definitely following your blog! :) great job!

    Check my blog out as well. :)

    -Abz Hakim